Students’ Rag Rug Wreaths

Rag Rug Wreaths – a great beginner project…

Rag rug wreaths are an absolutely brilliant first project for rag rug beginners. They’re easy to make, quick to complete and don’t use all that much fabric (particularly when compared to a full on rug). Rag rug wreaths are great for practising the traditional shaggy technique of rag rugging, which is the easiest and most mindful rag rug technique to start out with. They’re a lovely small canvas to get creative.

Ragged Life Rag Rug Wreaths made using recycled clothing and textile waste for Christmas

Here are just a few of the Ragged Life rag rug wreaths we’ve made over the years.

This blog post is to showcase the wonderful rag rug wreaths of former students or purchasers of our Ragged Life Wreath Kit, but if you happen to find yourself feeling inspired and would like to make one for yourself, you can buy a Ragged Life Rag Rug Wreath Kit here or, if you already have the tools, you can buy the hessian, backing board and instructions here.

Below is our Rag Rug Wreaths Student Hall of Fame… enjoy!

p.s. If you’ve already made a rag rug wreath and would like to send me a photo then please do… With your permission, I’ll add it to the gallery below, so more students can be inspired by your craftiness 🙂 You can catch me on

Rag Rug Wreaths – Student Hall of Fame:

DIY Easter Spring Rag Rug Wreath upcycled from textile waste and old clothing

Amelia made this lovely Spring wreath from one of our Ragged Life Wreath Kits. It just goes to show that wreaths aren’t just for Christmas!

Traditional Xmas Rag Rug Wreath

Christine’s Traditional Christmas wreath looks gorgeous against this white door.

Finished rag rug wreath

Janet used lovely warm colours for her wreath.

Handmade Rag Rug Wreath

Gina added extra details to her rag rug wreath to make it even more festive. I think you’ll agree, the ribbon looks just great!

Bee decided to make her rag rug wreath into a unique centrepiece!

Loopy and Shaggy Rag Rug Wreath

Louise is the first student I had combine loopy and shaggy techniques in her wreath.

Joyce’s wreath could be up in the house any time of the year.

Traditional green rag rug wreath

I think Victoria’s wreath proves just how great green gingham looks in the background!

I absolutely love the bright pink in the centre of Shamila’s flowers – they lift the blues beautifully.

Handmade Rag rug Christmas wreath

Deborah’s classic Christmas wreath was made for her sister. She’s got a few more rag rug wreaths to make yet!

Tartan rag rug wreath proggy technique

Carolyn attached a lovely tartan bow onto the bottom of her rag rug wreath to make it even more festive 🙂

Rag Rug Christmas Wreath Buttons

Cherry used gingham buttons in the centre of her flowers to make them pop.

Rag Rug Wreath with Pink Flowers

I’ve been a silly billy and forgot to make a note of who sent me the photo of this lovely wreath – please do claim it if it was you!

Pink rag rug wreath

Tricia made two wreaths but this one was her favourite.

Orange and Blue rag rug wreath

Tricia made two wreaths – she added mini baubles to this one for a bit of sparkle.

Traditional Rag Rug Christmas Wreath

Julia has her traditional wreath up at Christmas.

Handmade Green gingham and Red Rag Rug Christmas Wreath with Bow

Aneeta started this jolly festive wreath in my first ever rag rug workshop at Le Salon Privé in St. Margaret’s in South West London.

Green and red Rag wreath christmas xmas

Aneeta’s mum, Sunita, made this lovely rag wreath using Christmas fabric she had stored at home. So festive!

Red and Green Rag Rug Christmas Wreath with Mini Baubles

Juliet made this lovely festive Christmas wreath and put baubles in the centres of her flowers to make them pop – what a great idea!

Traditional rag rug Christmas wreath made out of rags

Jane made a very traditional wreath out of her fabric odds and ends. I particularly like how the red and gold stands out against the dark greens.


So, I hope you’ll agree that those are some pretty unique and striking rag rug wreaths. If you’d like to make a wreath for yourself then you can buy a Ragged Life Rag Rug Wreath Kit here or, if you already have the tools, buy the hessian, backing board and instructions here 🙂


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As always, happy rag rugging!

Elspeth x

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