How to Make a Rag Rug Wreath

So you may have noticed that in the last month we’ve gone Rag Rug Christmas Wreath mad! And now finally we would like to share the tricks of the trade on how to make a rag rug wreath. Before getting started we recommend you check out our video on the equipment of rag rugging to make sure you have everything you need:

If you don’t have all the bits and bobs then you can buy them on the Ragged Life website.

Step 1: Draw a ring on the hessian: 

Take a piece of hessian and, using a thick clearly visible pen, draw a ring the size and shape of the wreath you would like to create. For a large wreath we recommend an outside ring diameter of 33cm and an inside ring diameter of 19cm, and for a small wreath we like to use a 28cm outside ring diameter and 16cm inside diameter. However you can make the wreath as big or as small as you’d like!

Drawing on hessian


Step 2: Hem the hessian:

Using a sewing machine or overlocker, hem the hessian about 3cm from the outside circle of the wreath and approximately 3cm within the inside circle of the wreath. Then cut around the outside of the hem to remove the excess hessian (being careful not to cut any stitches).

Hem rag rug wreath


When hemming hessian, you will need to use a stitch that holds both the horizontal and vertical strands or your base will unravel (and nobody wants that!):

Hessian Hem Stitch

Step 3: Decide on a design:

This is the nice part – choosing what design you fancy for your wreath. If you’re looking to make a traditional style wreath then we recommend drawing five circles in the middle of the ring, equidistant from each other. These will become five stunning flowers:

Choose a design

Step 4: It’s Time to Rag Rug! 

At this stage you may want to remind yourself how to do shaggy rag rug as there’ll be a fair bit to do. You can see our easy to follow video here:

And now it’s time to get started! If you’re doing a traditional style christmas wreath then we find the best way to get started is to begin in the centre of the “flowers” and work your way out. Here we’ve used gold toffee wrappers as the centre of our “flowers”:

Starting a rag rug wreath


Keep rag rugging between the blue lines and this is what the front will look like:

Work in progress rag rug wreath


And the back…

Back Rag Rug Wreath

Step 5: Create a Base for your Wreath:

Find a piece of sturdy cardboard or foam board and cut out a ring the same size as your initial wreath ring:

Rag Rug Wreath Base

Step 6: Attach your wreath to the backing: 

Position your wreath with the underneath facing upwards. Align your cardboard / foam ring with the rag rugged part of the wreath.

Rag Rug Wreath Construction

Next, fold the hessian border back over the cardboard ring and staple gun down to secure. You will have to concertina it slightly.

Staple Gun Wreath

Continue around the outside of the ring until it looks like below:

Back of Christmas Wreath

Step 7: Secure the inside of the wreath: 

Once the outside of the wreath is firmly connected to the backing board then cut a circle inside the inner hemming of the ring so it looks like below:

Assembling Rag Rug Wreath

Next make slight cuts in the hessian, making sure not to cut too close to the rag rugged part.

Cutting Hessian

And now use the staple gun to secure the inside hem to the cardboard base.

Stapling hessian

Eventually the back will look like this:

Back of Rag Rug Wreath

And hooray, the front will look this!

Rag Rug Wreath Front

Step 8: Add a Loop for Easy Hanging: 

A minor point but it’s really handy to add a loop to your wreath to make it easier to hang. We do this by plaiting hessian strands and stapling the plait in a loop shape to the back of the wreath like below. You can use twine, ribbon or something more decorative as well!

Rag Rug Wreath Loop


Step 9: Tidy Up the Back of the Wreath (optional)

If you’re planning to give the wreath as a present or you just like things to be neat then at this stage it may be a good idea to tidy up the back of your wreath. To do this we cut a ring of felt to the size of the wreath (you can do this by drawing around it) and glue the felt to the back of the wreath with a glue gun. Below is what this looks like:

Rag Rug Wreath Neat

And to end, here’s what your final wreath should look like – Ta-da!

Finished Rag Rug Wreath

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