15 Easy Craft Projects to Keep You Busy During Isolation

If this worldwide lockdown has provided us with anything then it is the gift of time. I know how often I hear myself saying ‘I wish I had a little extra time in the day to start that’ or ‘if only I had the spare time to finish this’.

Now, most of us have so much time we don’t even know what to do with it (except all those frontline workers who are keeping us all going at the moment – big shout out to all of you)!

There’s only so much rag rugging that one can do (even me), so we’ve compiled 15 fun, easy craft projects to get your creative juices flowing through this period of isolation. With the obvious difficulty of getting off to the shop to pick up supplies, we have tried our best to come up with easy craft projects that require very few tools or use equipment that you may just have banging around already somewhere. Now lets get started…

1. Reusable Face Pads by Sustainably Simple

Anyone who has been following us for a little while now will know that 2019 was my Eco Challenge Year where I tried to make a small swap every month to live my life slightly more sustainably. Well, reusable face pads are something that I’ve been using for a while now, so I though I’d share Sustainably Simple’s easy DIY, so you too can make some of your own. Click for step by step instructions here.

What you need to make this project:

Scrap cotton flannel/towel, scrap cotton fabric, thread, needle, scissors, marker Pen.

Sustainably Simple’s reusable face pads.

2. Dream Catcher by Emilie Lefler

When thinking of easy craft projects, dream catchers were an obvious choice. They make lovely personalised gifts and are a beautiful addition to a room. The great thing about them is you really can add your own touches, meaning no two are ever the same. They are also simple to make once you get the hang of the webbing. You can then have fun adding beads, feathers and any other decorative embellishment you desire. They’re a good make to do with the children as well. Click to see Emilie Lefler’s instructional video here.

What you need to make this project:

String, ribbon or chord, embroidery hoop or sturdy cardboard, scissors, glue, beads or feathers for decoration if desired, any other decorative embellishments.

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash.

3. Heart Shaped Hanging Decorations by Blue Bear Wood

This is a super easy craft project and requires very little materials. It is suitable for all ages and is also a great for recycling. You can use any odd scrap of cardboard to cut out your heart shape as well as old left over pieces of yarn or wool to decorate. Change up the colours size and even shape if you wish to add your own unique spin. Click for step by step instructions here.

What you need to make this project:

Card or cardboard, wool or ribbon, pen, scissors.

craft projects heart shaped hanging decoration
Blue Bear Wood’s heart shaped hanging decorations.

4. Stone Art by Full Fit Wear

This is a craft idea that needs very little explanation as it relies simply on the creative mind of the individual. Stone art is a therapeutic way you can create some beautiful ornaments for your mantlepiece or a stunning and unique addition to your garden. Shared below are just a few inspirational ideas taken from Full Fit Wear.

What you need to make this project:

Stones/pebbles, paint, paint brushes, marker pens, any other decorative material desired.

5. Circle Weaving by Happy Hooligans

If you are looking for easy craft projects that are fun for both children and adults alike, this one is for you. It is a simple at home craft that takes your scraps of yarn and transforms them using your own homemade cardboard loom into a beautiful circle weave. The end result makes a great coaster, pot holder or trivet. Personalise yours with your own choice of colours and designs. You can also change the size of your loom as desired to create a bigger or smaller weave. Click for step by step instructions here.

What you need to make this project:

Sturdy cardboard, a round container or bowl to trace, pencil/pen, scissors, yarn or wool, sewing needle.

Happy Hooligans’ circle weaving.

6. Easter Inspired Pom Pom Chicks by Cool Creativity

Pom poms are commonly found in crafting and as we are drawing closer towards Easter these pom pom chicks are a cute and easy to make decoration for the holiday. You can adapt this process to make other little creatures if you wish. This design requires very few tools or materials which is what makes it a perfect indoor craft project to keep you occupied during isolation. Click for step by step instructions here.

What you need to make this project:

Yellow Wool or Yarn, Scissors, Needle, Cardboard, Googley eyes for decoration, Glue, Red card or felt for decoration

Cool Creativity’s Easter Inspired pom pom chicks.

7. Hanging Planter Made From Recycled Bottles by Tolu Gabriel

This is another great craft project for a time of trying to be more environmentally friendly. Plastic bottles may not be the most obvious choice for a plant pot but they are actually really effective hanging planters. Again this project offers room for creative freedom when deciding which way to cut your bottle this let it hang. Click for step by step instructions here.

What you need to make this project:

Plastic bottles (two litre bottles are perfect), skewer, compost, cardboard, scissors, string, plants/bulbs/seeds.

8. Mosaics by Sean O’ Laoghaire

The link shared below is an introductory video that makes a beginners venture into mosaic making easy to follow. However the inspiration for this craft project actually came from one of our Ragged Life family members; Sany. As well as rag rugging another one of her hobbies is designing and creating stunning homemade mosaics. It is an incredibly therapeutic task that produces truly one of a kind designs. Click to see an instructional video here.

What you need to make this project:

Base to mosaic onto (this could be an item of choice eg. a plant pot or just a a piece of board or wood), PVA glue, marker pen, coloured mosaic pieces (for this you can use broken and recycled bric a brac that you may have, old china or ceramics).

Mosaic/photo by Sany.

9. Nail Polish Marbled Mugs by Burlap and Blue

These nail polish marbled mugs are a perfect gift or simply just a great way to brighten up the kitchen cupboard. Especially since everyone has that old bottle of nail varnish stored away probably headed for the bin. These mugs are an easy, quick project that I can definitely see getting pretty addictive. You’ll come away looking for the next thing you can get your hands on to marble. Click for step by step instructions here.

What you will need:

Plain white mugs, nail polish, empty container (ideally one you do’t mind throwing away afterwards), water, parchment paper, fixative- dishwasher safe Modge Podge is ideal.

Burlap and Blue’s nail polish marbled mugs.

10. Fabric Bowl Covers by Hearth and Vine

Rather than using cling film or a plastic kitchen bag to protect your left overs. Try this craft project to make your own reusable fabric bowl or tupperware covers. If you have that piece of beautiful fabric stored away and haven’t found a use for yet or alternatively you have scrap fabric waiting to be recycled then transform it into a pretty and environmentally friendly kitchen accessory. Click for step by step instructions here.

What you need to make this project:

Fabric, needle, thread, elastic, safety pin, scissors, tape measure or ruler, sewing machine.

Hearth and Vine’s fabric bowl covers.

11. Crochet Coasters by Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

This is a perfect craft project for beginners with little experience of crocheting or knitting. The coasters made are an elegant design and only take a few minutes per coaster. So if you have the materials you can just keep going and make as many as you wish. This is an inexpensive home DIY project and your finished coasters will be ready to hold your hot or cold drink. Click for step by step instructions here.

What you will need:

Yarn, crochet hook, metal rings measuring 1.5 inches in diameter, knitting needles.

Little Yellow Wheelbarrow’s crochet coasters.

12. Sock Bunny by Dynamic Dad

This is another one of the easy craft projects that I found falling perfectly in line with Easter. However it doesn’t have to be confined to this season as these cute sock bunnies can be made and used all year round. Their heavy weight quality makes them a perfect doorstop for your child’s bedroom doorway. The no sew designs makes this craft project really easy and simple to follow. Click for step by step instructions here.

What you need to make this project:

Ankle sock, rice, sand or other choice of stuffing, thread, tape, scissors, marker pen, ribbon for decoration.

Dynamic Dad’s sock bunny.

13. Make up Brush Case by Thread Banger

This craft project is a little more advanced but still easy enough for beginners to have a go at. The video shared below presents the process in easy to follow steps. The makeup brush case created is a practical tool to store all your lose brushes and you can use any material of your choosing to make it something that you will want to show off. Click to see an instructional video here.

What you need to make this project:

2 pieces of fabric measuring 10″ x 14″ (front and back main fabric), 1 piece of fabric measuring 10″ x 14″ (pocket section), 1 piece of pellon fusible fleece or batting measuring 10″ x 14″, 2 pieces of any ribbon measuring 15″, iron/ironing board, pins, scissors, rotary cutter and mat, ruler or tape measure, safety pin (optional), thread, sewing machine.

Photo from Unsplash.

14. Sleep Mask by Curious and Cat Cat

As we are drawing into the lighter season, sleep masks are a sought after tool to help clasp onto those few extra minutes of sleep. Therefore what better way to make sure you are prepared than to make your own yourself. Sleep masks make great DIY craft projects as they are super easy to make and you can design and decorate them however you please. Click for step by step instructions here.

What you need to make this project:

Two different fabrics (for back and front side of the mask), piece of fleece (as inlay), sewing machine, needle, thread, piece of 3/8 inch elastic band, scissors, marker pen, pins.

Curious and Cat Cat’s sleep mask.

15. Clothes Peg Trivet by Factor Direct Craft

Clothes peg trivets are a great, easy, quick craft project perfect for recycling your old broken clothes pegs. You can can use different coloured pegs to create bold designs or stick to classic wood and appreciate the geometric aesthetic. These trivets require very little to be made and you can change the shape and size of the them depending on how many pegs you use and how you chose to place them. Click for an instructional video here.

What you need to make this project:

Clothes pegs, hot glue gun.

Factory Direct Craft’s clothes peg trivet.

Thanks so much for reading 🙂 We hope this this gave you some good ideas of easy craft projects to keep you occupied whilst you’re isolating. If you have any creative easy craft projects of your own or want to share what you have made using our inspiration, we would love to hear from you. You can email your images to hello@raggedlife.com.

Or if you are looking for more ways to keep busy during your isolation then check out our recent blog post about our Ragged Life Live Online Workshops here.

As always, if you’d like to be kept informed then why not join our Rag Rug Community on Facebookfollow us on Instagram or join our fortnightly newsletter here.


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As always, happy rag rugging!

Elspeth x

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