How To Rag Rug – Loopy

We thought it was about time we put up step by step instructions how to rag rug in the loopy style so here it goes:

1) Get together the materials you need for rag rugging.

Rag Rug Equipment

For full details on all the equipment, head over to our Ragged Life shop at

2) If you have a specific pattern, sketch it onto the hessian:

Rag Rug Pattern Example


3) Cut material into long strips approx. 2-3cm in width. The longer the strips, the better but don’t worry if they’re a little wonky.

Cutting Material

4)   Hold a strip of material under the hessian, insert the hook into a hole from front to back and use the hook to pull the end of the fabric strip up through the hole.

How To Rag Rug


5) Move to the next hole, insert the hook from front to back again and hook the fabric strip to pull a loop through the hessian:

How To Rag Rug

6)   Repeat Step 5 until you reach the end of the strip. To secure, pull the loose end of the strip through to the top of the hessian.

How To Rag Rug

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