Margherita Missoni: Style Muse

Because we love the bold designs of Missoni, we’re inspired by muse and heiress Margherita Missoni. Her Milan apartment, as featured here, is an eclectic mix of family antiques, 60s chairs and of course colourful printed accessories and open living space inside and outside.

She moved out of her family house to live here, and was kitted out with some of mum and grandma’s stunning furniture.

“Growing up, my home was always like an explosion,” says Missoni. “Full of color, full of paintings and pictures, full of furniture of all kinds”.

The wonderful antique table was a family heirloom, vintage chairs are everywhere, but there’s still room outside on the terrace for large cushions to lounge on.

With her luxe-hippy style, Margherita is the eldest grandchild of her grandparents who founded Missoni in 1953.  Her mother is the creative director and Margherita joined the company, after briefly living in New York and Barcelona to become designer for the accessories department, designing sunglasses and bags.

Her wedding was a sublime Italian outside bohemian affair with traditional lacy dress and perfect outside eating with of course Missoni cushions and mismatched china plates.  Look at the cake – what a perfect design for a rug!

Missoni Interior

Margharita Missoni Apartment

Margherita Missoni With Tray

Margherita Missoni Style
Missoni Casual Margherita Missoni Style

Margherita Missoni Cake

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