Rag Rug Bouquet of Flowers

It’s official, I’ve become addicted to making 3D rag rug flowers. Ever since I came up with the pattern to make my first rag rug bouquet, I’ve been on an absolute spree. The thing is, I find it therapeutic (which can’t always be said about some of my larger rugs). It’s a quick and fun project where you can make 7 flowers (a whole bouquet) in just one evening!

This project is great for rag rug beginners and experts alike and is ideal for using up little offcuts of pretty fabrics that you’ve been saving (but even less pretty fabrics look good too). We made all of the flowers below using the shaggy technique of rag rugging using either a Rag Rug Spring Tool or latch hook, but you could even play around and incorporate some loopy rag rugging into your flowers.

As I’ve been on a bit of a roll, I thought I would put together a blog post to share some of the rag rug flowers I’ve made so you can take inspiration if you do decide to make a rag rug bouquet for yourself (you can buy a Rag Rug Bouquet Kit or hemmed hessian pack over on the Ragged Life Website).

If you make any rag rug flowers, please send any photos over to hello@raggedlife.com for me to share below – it’s always great to see what people make and I’m sure other crafters would love to hear your tips.

So, here are some of my individual rag rug flowers and how they work in a rag rug bouquet – I hope you find it inspiring and colourful ๐Ÿ™‚

Ragged Life Rag Rug Bouquets:

The Original Bouquet:

This is the first rag rug bouquet I ever made so it will hold a very special place in my heart. It taught me some very valuable lessons about what fabrics work best. You can read my tips below ๐Ÿ™‚

Upcycled fabric rag rug bouquet of rag rug flowers held in hands outside

This was our first ever rag rug bouquet. We were particularly pleased with how the rag rug hydrangea (front centre) worked out as it looked so realistic.

Rag Pom Pom Flowers for valentine's day rag rug craft ideas

We had a whole load of fun choosing what fabrics to use for the flowers but we landed on chiffon for the pink and white flower, silk for the hydrangea, velvet for the deep purple flower, t-shirt (with elastic in) for the light pink flower and cotton for the large pink floral flower.

Rag rug fabric flowers made from recycled clothing in a bouquet

Here you can see the different textures a bit better. We particularly like how the light pink t-shirt material creates petals that form into tubes and the velvet makes things look richer and more opulent.

Individual rag rug flower attached to white wooden stem

Chiffon flowers fold to create geometric shapes within the petals – these add a certain sophistication to any rag rug bouquet.

Rag Rug Hydrangea Flower made for a rag rug bouquet

This is how our rag rug hydrangea looked up close.

Rag Rug Flowers in pinks and purples close up photo of the rag rug texture

And here’s a top down view so you can see how the different the textures work together. Since taking this photo, I’ve trimmed the pink bottom flower down slightly to make it a bit more rounded.

Spring Bouquet:

My next bouquet was made as a spring bunch of rag rug flowers. You wouldn’t believe it from the snow on the ground, but these were finished in March! I used mostly pastel colours and even a bit of lairy black and white leopard print fleece. This is a good example of how adding a bit of interesting greenery to a composition makes it look so realistic and pretty. All the flowers in this bouquet were done in the simple shaggy technique of rag rugging then trimmed to make them into cute “poms”.

Spring Bouquet of pastel Rag Rug Flowers

I wanted to put together a spring bouquet of rag rug flowers and then it started snowing!!! Oh well, it made for some nice photos ๐Ÿ™‚

Pastel Rag Rug Flowers with green foliage easy craft project

Here’s a bit of a closer look at some of the rag rug flowers. It’s nice to use textured fabrics for the flowers as they add life to the bouquet.

Rag Rug Flowers in the snow

Don’t they look pretty against the snowy ground…

Pretty Rag Rug Flowers in Hands

The rag rug flowers look great from any angle as they’re 3D!

The Experimental Bouquet:

Even though I’d consider myself fairly good at rag rugging, even I sometimes don’t know how certain fabrics are going to look. This bouquet wasn’t really planned, but came about after lots of experimentation with different materials. I particularly like how the netted fabric works in the lilac flower.

Rag Rug Bouquet of Fabric Flowers and fresh ones

Here I was experimenting with what happened when I mixed fresh flowers with the rag rug ones. You can barely even notice that they’re different ๐Ÿ™‚

Colourful Fabric flowers on a Table

This was a particularly bright bouquet of rag rug flowers!

purple and white fabric flower made out of old clothing and cotton

Adding netting to your flowers adds gorgeous texture.

Tropical Bouquet:

This tropical bouquet was one of the first bouquets where I actually decided to plan the precise colours and materials that went into it. I kind of winged it with the bouquets before… This bouquet is particularly unique as it’s the first time I shaped the petals to go into the flowers, rather than just doing the simple shaggy technique for each flower. I hope you like the unique look.

rag rug bouquet of flowers in pinks, mint and white

Our latest Tropical Bouquet of rag rug flowers.

fabric flowers made in the shaggy technique of rag rugging with recycled fabrics

Here you can see the shaped petals of the spikey flower at the top and the blousey flower at the front…

Handmade bridal bouquet with fabric everlasting flowers

This particular bouquet would fit in very well at a wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

Hoooked jute yarn use in a rag rug flower

One of my favourite rag rug flowers in this bouquet is the grey flower in the bottom right of the bouquet. It was made using Hoooked’s jute yarn, which gives great texture.

Rag rug flowers in an everlasting fabric flower bouquet made in the shaggy technique of rag rugging using fabric offcuts

As with the other bouquets, real greenery makes the flowers look more real.

And this was the original bouquet that inspired this project. As you can see, it’s not a literal translation, but it gave a good colour palette and starting point..

Peony bridal bouquet in pinks and mint

Winter Bouquet:

In complete contrast to the bright, tropical vibes of the rag rug bouquet above, I really wanted this one to feel cosy, lush and opulent. Velvet is a great material for getting this feel, as well as any materials with a bit of shine… lining fabrics, for example.

Christmas rag rug flower bouquet with fabric flowers in red, green and white

Our Winter Bouquet features lots of the colours found around Christmas time… red, green and white.

Rag rug bouquet of fabric flowers made using textile waste and wool

It was so much fun playing with the different materials and colours in this bouquet. I love how vibrant the reds look.

Rag rug flowers made on a hessian base in black and pink colours

This is one of my favourite flowers in this bouquet. It was just a simple blouse with a large floral pattern on.

Rag rug winter flowers in red, green and white rag rug design

I even liked this bouquet without the greenery

Bunch of fabric flowers made using sewing offcuts

But I do think that the fresh fern leaves freshen up the look of the flowers.

Rag rug flower with shaped petals in white and green

One of my favourite flowers in this bouquet is the white and green spikey flower on the right in this photo. This one has shaped petals.

Student’s Rag Rug Bouquets:

Below are some of the rag rug bouquets that you’ve made using our Rag Rug Bouquet Kits or hemmed hessian packs. I love seeing your creations, so if you do decide to make some flowers, please do send me work in progress or finished photos through ๐Ÿ™‚ You can send them to elspeth@raggedlife.com

Pastel rag rug bouquet of flowers in a vintage coffee pot

Ali’s bouquet of pastel rag rug flowers looks lovely in this vintage coffee pot.

Pastel Rag Rug Flowers

Here you can see the variety of colours in the bouquet up close.

Monica’s bouquet of flowers look so realistic with the eucalyptus!

Beautiful handmade rag rug bouquet upcycled from old clothing perfect for a handmade wedding using sustainable materials.

Anne Rag Rug Bouquet

Anne did a full day workshop with me where she started this cute rag rug bouquet. I love the mix of patterned and plain fabrics.

Cotton rag rug flowers in a bouquet on a table with a rag rug trivet

Caroline made a lovely rag rug bouquet to sit in pride of place in the centre of her dining room table.

Unassembled rag rug bouquet kit with seven flowers and flower stems and ragged life rag rug scissors

Caroline even took a photo of how the flowers looked before she assembled them which was useful.

Rag rug everlasting bouquet for handmade wedding

Michelle’s beautiful rag rug bouquet in reds, greens and creams… gorgeous!

yellow rag rug sunflowers made out of old clothing and fabric offcuts

Ali has been absolutely killing it with the rag rugging recently – check out these gorgeous fabric sunflowers ๐Ÿ™‚

Rag Rug Wedding Bouquet

My friend Eddy made this gorgeous bouquet for his brother and sister-in-law on their wedding day… sooo cute!

Rag rug bouquet of flowers made of upcycled clothing and textile waste

I love how Carol has put fern leaves in with her flowers to make them look more natural.

Yellow rag rug sunflowers

Karolyn’s sunflowers look an absolute treat. The live foliage really brings them to life too!

Rag Rug Flowers with Hessian Tie

Rag rug flowers made using old clothing and textile waste

Wendy made this lovely bouquet of hydrangeas that blend in perfectly with her garden.

Pink fabric flowers in a green vase with wooden twigs

Christina’s pink flowers certainly looked cute.

Nichola’s beautiful bouquet made from her little ones babygrows makes a stunning and timeless centre piece for her kitchen table.

Well that’s all I have by way of flowers for the time being but we’ll be updating this blog post as we make more so stay tuned for more flowers ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ragged Life Rag Rug Inspiration on Instagram

We’ve got lots of beautiful rag rug designs for you to take inspiration from on our social media channels.

Happy rag rugging everyone!

Elspeth x

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