Rag Rug Kids Kit – Make a Rag-a-Monster

We’ve been working on our first Rag Rug Kids Kit for a while now and, finally, after months of experimentation and tweaking, here it is in all its glory…

Ragged Life Rag-a-Monster Rag Rug Kit bag and rag-a-monster toy on grass

The Ragged Life Kids’ Kit comes in a colourful new bag.

Our new Rag Rug Kids’ Kit is available for to buy on the Ragged Life shop, but below we’ve answered some questions we think you may have about the kit, so here it goes…

Who is the Rag Rug Kids Kit for?

Our new kids kit is perfect for children aged 7-12 years to get hands-on and creative. It has been specially designed to make rag rugging easy for children and will provide hours of fun over the School Holidays. So, whether your kids are already arty geniuses, or have almost never made something that they want to keep for themselves, this kit makes craft easy for all. Plus, they’ll have something fun to keep at the end! And what a great way to get them away from those screens for a while… It makes a great present too.

What can you make with the kit?

Each kit includes the tools, materials and instructions to make one cute or scary Rag-a-Monster like the ones below:

Ragged Life Rag-a-Monsters that can be made with the Rag Rug Kids Kit for children

These are just a few of the Rag-a-Monsters that we had fun making.

Once the rag rugging is complete, the Rag-a-Monster can be completely customised with a selection of felt pieces to give it a unique personality. There’s even an activity space in the instruction booklet to fill in the the Rag-a-Monster’s name and details to spark their creativity even more.

What is in the Rag Rug Kids Kit?

Our Rag Rug Kids Kit includes: 

Ragged Life Rag Rug Kids Kit Contents

Our new Rag Rug Kids Kit includes all the tools to be able to make a cute Rag-a-Monster.

  • A Children’s Latch Hook. This latch hook has been specifically designed for smaller hands and makes shaggy rag rugging much easier than with a full sized latch hook.
  • Hemmed Rag-a-Monster Hessian. Our hessian is the perfect weave for use with the children’s latch hook and is pre-hemmed so that it doesn’t fall apart. This means that the kids can get rag rugging straight away.
  • Pre-cut Recycled Multi-Coloured Fabric Strips. All the fabric for the Rag-a-Monster is pre-cut into the correct size pieces so the kids can get stuck into the rag rugging straight away without having to do lots of prep (bet some of you adults wish I would do that for the adult kits!).
  • 24-Piece Felt Set. A good variety of felt pieces means the children can create a completely unique Rag-a-Monster to fit their personality and preferences. No two Rag-a-Monsters will ever look the same.
  • PVA Glue. Each kit includes a 100ml bottle of non-toxic PVA glue for the assembly and customisation of the Rag-a-Monster.
  • Instruction Booklet. This booklet includes step by step photos and instructions on how to rag rug and how to assemble the Rag-a-Monster. It has been specially designed for kids, so includes plenty of inspirational pictures and an activity part at the back.
  • Kids Kit Bag. This can be used over and over again and is a useful place for the kids to keep all their rag rug materials together.

What other materials will I need?

Our new Rag Rug Kids Kit includes all the tools and materials to be able to make the Rag-a-Monster from beginning to end. The only other tool you will need is a pair of sharp scissors to cut around the hessian once the rag rugging part of the project is complete.

What makes our Rag Rug Kids Kit so great?

Our Rag Rug Kids Kit is: 

  • Ideal for getting kids away from screens and encouraging creativity. Our Rag-a-Monsters are completely customisable, so the children can get hands-on and let their imaginations go wild.
  • Completely unique and original. Most children will never have tried rag rugging before, so this kit is something they can get excited about – who doesn’t want to learn a new skill!
  • Full of quality materials. There is nothing worse than buying a kit and realising that the person who made it has cheaped out on everything inside. We’ve carefully selected all our kit components and have tested them with actual children. The latch hook is a tool that can be used time and time again and will last a lifetime and the instructions are written by professional rag ruggers.
  • Great for teaching kids about sustainability. Rag rugging is great for reducing textile waste and educating future generations to look after our planet. All our fabric pieces are made from clothing that would otherwise go to landfill. There’s no reason why future Rag-a-Monsters can’t be made with the children’s own old clothing for the ultimate personalised toy.
  • Completely unisex, so both girls and boys can have fun crafting.
Ragged Life Children's Fabric Craft Kit

Our first ever Rag Rug Kids Kit makes a cute Rag-a-Monster.

How much is the Rag Rug Kids Kit?

You can buy the Rag Rug Kids Kit for only £14.99. This includes all the tools, materials and instructions mentioned above.

Where can I buy the Rag Rug Kids’ Kit?

You can buy one of our Rag Rug Kids’ Kits on the Ragged Life Shop here. We will be introducing new Kids Kits over time so sign up for our newsletter or join our Rag Rug Community on Facebook to be the first to know about new releases.


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Happy rag rugging everyone!

Elspeth x

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5 years ago

The Hessian is rectangular but the monsters circular?!

5 years ago

Ooh, this looks like a great idea to keep the kids occupied over the Summer holidays.

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