Rag Rugging on TV – my CBeebies debut on Junk Rescue

CBeebies – Junk Rescue:

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that in my line of work I’ve done some slightly strange, but cool things over the years… rag rugging giant display wreaths, live upcycling challenges, rag rugged outfits… the list goes on. Well, my latest exploit is that I’m currently on BBC iPlayer, starring in an episode of  CBeebies’ “Junk Rescue”, a show designed to encourage children to upcycle “junk” into useful or fun things. I was brought in to teach presenter, Danny Sebastian (originally from Bargain Hunt), how to make a story time rag rug for the children on the show. We made a gorgeous garden-inspired rag rug using both the shaggy and loopy techniques of rag rugging, which you can see photos of below or you can watch the full episode on BBC iPlayer hereEnjoy!


Junk Rescue on CBeebies

The Children's Junk Yard - Junk Rescue CBeebiesp.s. The CBeebies team obviously have a sense of humour because this is the slightly crazed photo of me that they’ve chosen to advertise the show with. Hahahaha.

Elspeth Jackson and Danny Sebastian on Junk Rescue CBeebies on iPlayer

At least we look like we’re having fun 🙂

Behind the Scenes at the Junk Rescue Shoot:

Below are a few photos I took of the filming on the day, which feels like yonks ago now!

Filming for Junk Rescue CBeebies Show With Allanah

The production team ready for action…

Rag Rug Expert Elspeth Jackson with Danny Sebastian

Me and Danny planning out our rag rug…

CBeebies Filming for Junk Rescue TV programme for children's recycling

Ready for action…

Elspeth Jackson and Danny Sebastian about to film for Junk Rescue

Danny Sebastian… my partner in crime for the day.

The Finished Story time Rag Rug:

And below are some photos of the work in progress and finished story time rag rug, which we made for show. I can’t even believe how much green fabric it took to make….

Work in progress green rag rug with flowers

This is not really how we would recommend building up a rag rug, but it worked out in the end. The reason we did most of the green first is because we wanted to reward ourselves with the flowers at the end. 

Planning a rag rug

We planned out the different colour flowers by placing bags of the colours in the locations.

Story time kids rag rug made to look like grass with flowers all over

Unfortunately I didn’t take any nice styled shots of the finished rag rug but you get the idea…

Back of green garden rag rug

Here you can see what the back of the final rag rug looked like.

Garden Rag Rug with green and rag rug flowers

It’s amazing how much green the rug took…

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Happy rag rugging everyone!

Elspeth x

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