Tea and Crafting, Covent Garden

A bit about Tea & Crafting:

Tea and Crafting in Camden is the first place that I ever ran a rag rug workshop in London. As you can imagine, it therefore holds a special place in my heart 🙂 So, I was absolutely horrified when I heard that the Camden workshop space had been affected by the fire that swept through Camden Lock in July earlier this year.

Fortunately, Jane Gois (the owner of Tea and Crafting) had just signed the lease on a beautiful new craft venue, slap bang in the centre of Covent Garden (trip to Neal’s Yard anyone?) With the Tea and Crafting Covent Garden venue up and running just in time, Jane was able to move all of the workshops, hen dos and craft parties to the new space while the London Fire Brigade dealt with the flooding and damage left by the fire. They apparently did an amazing job!

After all the drama of the past month and a half, this story has a happy ending as the Tea and Crafting workshop space in Camden is now back to its former glory. So, there are now two gorgeous venues to choose from for your London craft workshops 🙂

The Table set up before a rag rug workshop at Tea and Crafting in Camden

Tea and Crafting, Camden

Ragged Life at Tea & Crafting:

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to run a private rag rug lesson at the new Tea and Crafting Covent Garden studio. I had an absolute blast exploring the new space and you can see some of my photos from the workshop below.

p.s. If you read this post and feel inspired to book onto a weekend or evening Rag Rug Class at Tea and Crafting, you can do so here. I’d love to see you at a class in the near future x

Photos of Tea and Crafting Covent Garden:

Beautiful Handmade Crafts on display in Tea and Crafting Covent Garden

The Tea and Crafting workshop is beautifully light and bright.

After seeing Jane’s amazing peg board at the new Tea and Crafting venue, I immediately went online and browsed for a peg board to buy. Keep your eyes peeled for one popping up in my flat or studio in the near future 🙂

A colourful pegboard with pom poms, streamers and craft tools at Tea and Crafting Covent Garden

The gorgeous pegboard at Tea and Crafting, Covent Garden.

Ikea Trolley Packed with Craft Tools in preparation for London Craft Workshops

Jane’s Ikea trolley overflowing with gorgeous craft goodies.

From the moment that you step into the workshop, you’re surrounded by beautiful and bright handmade things like these multi-coloured paper tassels that hang over the door into the studio. They’re so tactile, I just wanted to brush them with my fingers.

Multi-coloured Handmade Paper Tassels hanging above the door at Tea and Crafting's new workshop space

Jane’s handmade multi-coloured paper tassels that hang over the door into the studio.

Happy Crafting Lightbox in the window at Tea and Crafting in Covent Garden

How could anyone not have a happy time crafting in such a lovely venue!

Paper lanterns in front of the large window with happy crafting lightbox

Tea and Crafting’s new Covent Garden venue is tucked away in a quiet side street in bustling Covent Garden.

I’m a huge fan of beautiful craft storage and Jane always nails it. I may have to nick this string of pom poms idea!

White Shelves filled with wool and craft tools ready for London craft workshops

Beautiful craft storage and decorations at Tea and Crafting’s Covent Garden venue.

Beautiful craft storage at Tea and Crafting in Covent Garden

These shelves are most crafters’ idea of heaven!

Party props in jars including glasses and crowns at Tea and Crafting Covent Garden

There are all sorts of cute props lying around. It took all my willpower to not rummage through these glasses and crowns.

I don’t often post a gratuitous selfie but these paper flowers were so cute, I couldn’t resist 🙂

Rag Rug Teacher Elspeth Jackson at Tea and Crafting Covent Garden

I absolutely adored the statement paper flowers.

Large statement paper flowers and pom poms at Tea and Crafting Covent Garden

Paper flowers and pom poms!!!

I spent the workshop in the company of lovely Donna from the USA. She’s a craft lover through and through but had never tried rag rugging before.

Ragged Life Private Rag Rug Workshop at Tea and Crafting in Covent Garden

Donna booked me for a private rag rugging lesson at Tea and Crafting’s bright and beautiful workshop space.

A woman deep in concentration rag rugging at Tea and Crafting's London workshop space

Donna hard at work rag rugging away!

So, I hope you like my photos from Tea and Crafting Covent Garden (credit to Jane for making it so beautiful that it photographs well) and hopefully see you at a workshop in the near future. You can see a full list of our Tea and Crafting workshops here. or follow Tea and Crafting on Instagram here.

Elspeth x

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