How To Cut Material Into Strips

Rag rugging involves an awful lot of cutting of material into strips.  This is not only time-consuming but also the less fun part of the craft so we thought we’d share our technique on how to cut material into strips quickly and efficiently.

First things first, get the material you’d like to cut up. For me it’s an old t-shirt I shrunk in the wash but you can use any material:

T-Shirt for Rag Rug

Next turn the clothing inside out so any seams are visible. Cut along the seams.

Cutting Seams

Once you have broken down the clothing into smaller pieces you can decide whether to make use of the seams by cutting them off in 2cm strips or to discard them. Removing seams makes any rag rug piece softer but using seams adds texture and creates less wastage.

Cut Up T-Shirt


Once you have cut the seams off the piece you should fold it in half, then quarters then eighths horizontally.

Rolling Material

After creating a slightly flat tube you should cut the jagged edges off the tube.

Cutting Ends Off

It is then a matter of cutting the tube into 2cm wide rolls.

Cutting Strips

These rolls unwind into perfect width strips.

Strips of Material

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