Black and White Rag Rug – Checkmate!

I don’t know about you but we think there’s just something so lovely about a checked rag rug, in particular in black & white.  Not only do they fit in practically any room in the house but they’re nearly impossible to go wrong with. The Parisian’s obviously knew what they were doing when they began to champion the Little Black Dress (LBD).

After all the quirky and random rugs and pieces I’ve been designing lately it felt nice to retreat into the relative safety of a bold checkered pattern. This “Checkmate” Rag Rug will sit with pride of place in my new (but still under construction) kitchen – hooray!

Now I’ll just have to be careful with the spag bol sauce!

Buy a “Checkmate” rug at:

Monochrome Rag Rug

Black & White Rag Rug

Checked Rag Rug


Checked Rag Rug

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