Advanced Rag Rug Workshop – London & Hertfordshire

Anyone who has tried rag rugging before will hopefully agree with me when I say that it’s definitely one of the easier crafts to learn. Making a rag rug doesn’t involve lots of complicated stitches, it doesn’t require oodles of concentration (you should see me crocheting!) and there are very few mistakes that can’t be fixed easily. You can learn the basics of rag rugging in just a few hours, which is enough to be able to tackle a number of rag rug projects. If, however, you’re interested in taking your rag rugging to the next level and learning how to elevate your rag rug creations from good to great, then an Advanced Rag Rug Workshop is right for you…

As with any craft, the more rag rugging you do, the more lessons you learn, and generally the better you become. Well, I’ve spent fourteen years learning this craft and in that time I’ve picked up more than a trick or two. It’s these tricks and tips that I’m looking to share in my new Advanced Rag Rug Workshop. This class is aimed at those of you who are familiar with the two main techniques of rag rugging (shaggy and loopy), but maybe need a little more coaching and rules on what makes a design work and not work in rag rug. We’ll be focussing on rag rug planning, use of different fabrics, varying techniques and hemming custom hessian to tackle more complicated projects.

Red, Green and White Circular Shaggy Rag Rug Made with Old T-shirts

In the Advanced Rag Rug Workshop you will learn how to hem custom projects, such as circular rugs.

Below is a brief overview of what will be covered in the new Full Day Advanced Rag Rug Workshop:

Advanced Rag Rug Workshop Programme:

10:00-10:30 – Recap of the basic techniques of rag rugging.

At the beginning of the class, we will recap the two main rag rugging techniques. This is a chance for us to take a look at everyone’s individual techniques and provide tips on how they can be improved.

10:30-11:30 – Varying the rag rugging techniques to elevate design

Once we’ve recapped the basic techniques of rag rugging, we will focus on how to vary the techniques of rag rugging and how this impacts on design. This is an important exercise that will shape how you approach rag rug projects in the future.

11:30-12:30 – Use of different fabrics to improve design

At this stage, we will learn how to use different fabrics to enhance your rag rug designs. Students will have the chance to try out a number of different materials, learning along the way how best to prepare and utilise them to best effect.

12:30-13:00 – LUNCH 

Please bring along a packed lunch. This is a nice opportunity to explore The Coach House gardens.

13:00-14:00 – Brainstorming your design & planning

Here we will cover the best methods for planning and executing a rag rug project. We will learn how best to adapt designs and ideas to rag rug, as well as how to transfer them to the hessian. We will explore a number of different methods to allow students to find the way that works best for them.

14:00-15:00 – Hemming custom projects

In this part of the class, we will learn how to hem more complicated rag rug projects on a sewing machine. We will tackle 3D projects through the construction of a rag rug clutch bag and circles and students will hem their custom projects if they wish to start something new in the class.

15:00-16:00 – Begin custom rag rug project

Towards the very end of the class, students will begin their custom rag rug project. This will allow everyone to eventually leave the class with enough momentum to continue on with their new project.

Et voila, that’s the programme 🙂

Rag Rug Wall Hanging Close up with trees and a house made during an advanced rag rug workshop

We will focus on how to plan successful rag rug designs in the new Ragged Life Advanced Rag Rug Workshop.

Interested in signing up for an Advanced Rag Rug Workshop? Book onto a class at

Please note, at this stage, I am only able to offer Advanced Rag Rug Workshops in Hertfordshire and London. If you’re interested in attending an Advanced Rag Rug Workshop elsewhere in the country and would like to be informed when they become available in your neck of the woods, please email to be put on a waiting list. 

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