Beautiful & Bold Rugs

You may have noticed by now that we’re quite partial to a good rug, especially when they’re bright, beautiful and handmade. Although we love a good rag rug and our houses are full of them, it hasn’t stopped us hoarding other rugs over the years from Mexico, Turkey, France and other places. Below are some of our personal favourites for a bit of evening inspiration:

Cream Blue Rug

We picked up this first beautiful rug in the Souk in Agadir (and believe us if was a mission to cart home). Although it’s more neutral colours than we’d normally go for we love the burgundy colour in combination with the creams and blues and its ability to sit almost anywhere in the house and fit in. We’ve often looked at this rug and thought that the tree like design would make for a fabulous loopy rag rug with a Ragged Life twist so watch this space!

Birds Rug Turkey

Green Bird Rug

These two rugs are what we would consider traditional turkish style.  They’re beautiful, bright and bold in design. We love the detail of the animals in the rug and the imperfect geometry. These rugs would warm up any room on the floor or hung on the wall.

Turkish Rug

Next we thought we’d include this close up to show some of the detailing in this stunning wool rug from France. Once again we really love the use of warm colours and bold design to create a rug masterpiece but this design is a bit more traditional. Showing a close up you can’t really get an idea of the scale of this rug but its so large its a four (wo)man job beating the dust out of it when spring comes along.

Mexican Rug

And finally, not to everyones taste but one of our favourites – one of our handmade Mexican rugs. How lovely! We went to the shop where these were being made and are still in awe at the vibrant colours and pieces on display even if the natural dyes weren’t the nicest smelling substances in the world.

Anyway, hope you like some of our hoard of rugs and if you’d like to show us some of your favourites from home just drop us an email – we’d love to hear from you.

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