Rag Rug of the Month – Lizzie Reakes Design

You may have noticed by now that the majority of our handmade rag rugs are rather colourful and eclectic. You’re inspired by many sources throughout your life but when we came across this colourful abstract asymmetrical design worked in bold primary colours we worked our own very close version from one of our favourite designers – Lizzie Reakes. Check out her “Greenstar” rag rug here: http://www.pinterest.com/raggedlife/handmade-rag-rugs/ Any shape can look great! They are truly works of art.

Rag Rug Cushion Masterclass

Loopy Rag Rug

And here’s a couple of close ups of the rug for those of you who like to see the detail.

Rag Rug Design Rag Rug Close Up

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