How To Organise Fabric

To make a rag rug you need a lot of fabric which is why most rag rug crafters, ourselves included, hoard old clothing and material like there’s no tomorrow. This is great for when you’re looking for that exact shade of blue and is amazing for encouraging recycling and sustainability but can be a real issue for organisation and storage. So how do you organise fabric? I’ve put together some tips for organising and storing your material that should help out a little:

– Make sure all your rug rug material / clothing is kept in one place. There are few things more annoying than having bits and bobs all over the place and not knowing where to look. At least keeping all your material in one place minimises the mayhem.

– Sort by colours where possible – this helps you find materials quicker and looks lovely as well!

– Keep your fabric under cover. Dust loves to collect on material so putting it in drawers or freezer bags in exposed storage will keep it in good condition for when you need it.

And here is how we organise the strips of material we’ve cut for rag rugging. This fabric storage is made entirely made from an old cardboard box.

Material Organisation

Material Organiser

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