The Largest Ever Rag Rug Workshop?

In the last two weeks I was lucky enough to team up with the lovely ladies of the Buckinghamshire WIs to run what I think are two of the largest rag rug workshops ever run in the UK… and possibly in the world. Over the course of two days I had a whole lotta fun teaching a whopping 140 crafters how to rag rug in Amersham and Padbury.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m happy talking about rag rugging until the cows come home (that’s what you’re like when you’re passionate about something) but even I was a little daunted looking out over the vast hall in Amersham which seemed to stretch out into eternity…

largest ever rag rug workshop

We were in a pretty large hall for the rag rug workshop in Amersham.

Amersham Rag Rug Class

The ladies from the Buckinghamshire WIs learning how to rag rug in Amersham.

I needn’t have worried though. Everyone was incredibly lovely and I can’t believe how well they all picked it up. What rag rug potion is in the water in Buckinghamshire?

After the first workshop, I somehow managed to rope in my friend James to do a spot of filming for the second class. Even though I’m not a huge fan of being on camera (who is?), I thought it was too momentous of an occasion not to be captured. Below is a short video of the second workshop in the beautiful village of Padbury.

And here are a few photos…

Padbury Rag Rug Workshop

This gorgeous old school house was the setting for my second rag rug workshop in the lovely village of Padbury.

Rag Rug Table

We brought along a whole host of different rag rug products for inspiration.

Preparation Rag Rug Workshop

Which everyone was pretty excited to take a look at.

Ragged Life Elspeth Jackson

Me getting ready to begin the rag rug workshop from my little podium.

Largest ever rag rug workshop

You can almost see the concentration on everyone’s faces.

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