The Ragged Life Team

The newest member of the Ragged Life team is the crazy, but cool Joyce. Here are 5 reasons why I think she’s awesome and a perfect fit for Ragged Life:

1) Joyce absolutely adores crafts. Not only is Joyce an avid rag rugger, but she is also rarely to be found without a pair of knitting needles. These are a few of her gorgeous knitted creations which I think you’ll agree are just gorgeous. (You can see more of Joyce’s creations on her Instagram here).

Joyce Knitted Booties

These little knitted booties are adorable.

Joyce's Knitted Romper

I wouldn’t even know where to start if I was trying to create this!

Joyce's Handmade Cardigan

This little cardigan is obviously still work in progress but is already looking pretty stunning.

2) Joyce has good eye for colour. This is pretty obvious from her knitwear but Joyce is a deft hand at pairing colours together which is incredibly important for rag rugging. We still have the occasional dispute over whether an item of clothing is navy or dark grey (maybe one of us is slightly colour blind) but she can definitely be relied on to know what’s missing from a piece.

Stripey Shirt Rag Rug

Joyce’s current rag rug project is this stripey shirt rug.

Blue rag rug in home

This looks like my idea of the perfect cosy corner.

3) Joyce has a brilliant sense of humour. Anyone who has been to the Rag Rug Round Table can testify to the fact that Joyce is pretty darn funny. You can always count on her for a funny story about something or other. Apparently, if you hang a mug on a branch in Joyce’s garden it will keep swinging for hours. Same goes for keys in the front door… spooky!

4) Joyce is a bit of a neat freak. Where rag rugging is concerned, I’m pretty haphazard. I have certain broad rules but tend to make things up as I go along. Joyce is very planned and neat with her rag rugging so is definitely the yin to my yang. Fun fact: on average, Joyce vacuums three times a day… she even vacuums her garden astroturf.

Rag Rug Sunflowers

Just look at how neat Joyce’s rag rug sunflowers are!

5a) Joyce is a people person & a tough cookie. Joyce loves to chat even more than I do. She once turned up to our Thursday morning Rag Rug Round Table despite having an awfully painful ear infection because she’s a social butterfly and lady of action so the idea of staying at home and wallowing never even crossed her mind.

5b) Joyce loves Liberty Print. I am always slightly distrustful of any crafter who doesn’t like Liberty Print so finding someone who loves Liberty Print as much as me is always a big bonus 🙂

Liberty Print Skirt

Another of Joyce’s wonderful creations

Lover of Liberty Print

Strawberry Thief is absolutely one of my favourite Liberty Prints of all time.

Welcome to the team Joyce!!! I’m sure everyone will love you as much as I do 🙂

Joyce Ragged Life Team

Welcome to the team Joyce!

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