Ragged Life in Mollie Makes!

We’re so excited that our denim rag rug was featured in Issue 71 of Mollie Makes last week. Our classic denim rag rug is one of the designs included in the rugs section of our new book “Rag Rugs, Pillows & More” and makes a lovely addition to any home. If you decide to give this project a go then we recommend using a number of different shades of denim to create real contrast between the lines. We used a blend of classic navy jeans, greys & blacks to add variety. Denim frays a lot when it is rag rugged which adds gorgeous texture to the rug.

Tip: During this project we also rag rugged two strips of white shirt at the same time but you can make your life slightly easier by cutting your strips wider and only rag rugging one strip at a time.

Happy rag rugging!


Ragged Life Denim Rag Rug in Mollie Makes

Ragged Life Denim Rag Rug in Mollie Makes

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