How to Make a Shaggy Rag Rug

In our “How to Rag Rug” series we’ve already covered the equipment and tools of rag rugging, how to select and prepare materials, and how to do the more modern “loopy” rag rugging. Here we demonstrate how to do the more traditional, shaggy method of rag rug. These are the rugs your gran may have made or the ones tucked away in the National Trust homes across the country.

NB: To get going you’ll first need to pull together the materials for rag rugging – a rundown of the equipment can be found here and you can purchase a full rag rug kit with all the bells and whistles from our Ragged Life website if you’re interested in giving this amazing craft a go:


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[…] Boucherouite rugs look quite similar to our traditional British shaggy rag rugs and we can emulate the look quite well, Boucherouite rugs are made in a completely different way. […]

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