Ragged Life Rag Rug Cushions

Rag Rug Cushions are a fab way to add a pop of colour and individuality to a room. They are one-off pieces that you’ll never ever see at Mrs. Potts’ house down the road. We find that they even become a talking point of a room!

The textured rag rugging gives patterns depth whilst the volume of fabric (particularly for the shaggy cushions) makes them super soft and squishy to relax on. Below are a selection of cushions we’ve made to show the versatility of what can be done with rags of all different colours and materials.

Rag Rug Cushions

Bright and beautiful Rag Rug Cushions on my red sofa

Rag Rug Cushions

Ragged Life Rag Rug Cushions on wire frame bed

As you can probably tell these cushions are pretty all over the place in terms of design but somehow they seem to come together with a bit of a retro feel. In terms of inspiration, the “R” cushion was made specially for a little girl named “Rachel” whilst the preppy looking striped cushion has a countryside feel to it and is made from men’s patterned shirts.  The bold and bright “flower” rag rug cushion was entirely inspired by the Matisse Cut Out Exhibition at the Tate Modern whilst the white shaggy cushion was inspired by the sky with its different shades of white, grey and blue (you can tell we live in England from my cloud interpretation!)

You can also experiment with different techniques of rag rugging for rag rug cushions. Not only can they be made in the traditional loopy and shaggy techniques but they can even be knitted like the red cushion below. I can’t wait to try a crocheted cushion so watch this space!Knitted Rag Cushion

They make a great starter project if you’re looking to try rag rugging for the first time. We offer introductory classes where you can start a rag rug cushion so do check them out if you’re interested here.

We also offer commissions if you’re looking for something bespoke for the bedroom or living room so don’t be shy and drop us an email at hello@raggedlife.com if you fancy something new and different – we always love to hear from you!

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