Old Loopy Rag Rug: “Wayward”

For December’s “Rag Rug of the Month” we’ve gone back to where rag rugging began. In the olden days, rag rugs were made using whatever materials could be found as a way to put old odds and ends to better use. Old shirts and cotton tended to be saved for patchwork but woollen jackets, trousers and other heavier fabrics made their way into the home’s rag rugs.

“Wayward” harks back to this time. As one of the first rugs we ever made, it was made using what random materials we happened to have to hand at the time (as opposed to the more coordinated rugs we tend to make now). Luckily the clothing of today tends to be a bit brighter than the greys, blacks and browns of the original rag rugs so the patches of colour blend to make a merry pattern but it was a fun challenge using anything we could get our hands on.

We hope you like it!

Winter Rag Rug

Random Rag Rug



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