Rag Rug of the Month: Pepper

This month’s Rag Rug of the Month goes to our gorgeous monochrome rag rug “Pepper”. Inspired by a cool Scandinavian colour pallet, this rug is made up of over 100 different pieces of recycled fabric and took around 80 hours to make. The use of patterned and textured fabrics elevates a very simple colour scheme, giving it depth and vibrancy. We particularly like the dotty, stripey and floral patterned fabrics that went into it.

We hope you like it!

Monochrome Rag Rug: Pepper:

Scandinavian Style Rag Rug in black, grey and white fabric.

This monochrome rag rug was actually made by joining together two pieces of our standard 100 x 60cm rug hessian.

Black and white shaggy rag rug in front of green sofa with coffees

This kind of monochrome rag rug looks good in modern and traditional homes alike.

Black and White Rag Rug

Pepper looked particularly good when paired with my boho Anthropologie quilt.

Stripey Rag Rug

I was feeling particularly coordinated today wearing all black and white in honour of finishing “Pepper”

Modern Rag Rug

The muted colours go with everything making it the perfect rug for moving around the home.

Scandinavian Rag Rug

Up close you can see the various neutral shades that make up the rag rug

If you liked “Pepper” then you’re sure to also like our “Cream Shaggy Rag Rug”, made using lighter neutral tones. Check out photos here. Or, fancy getting more rag rug inspiration, tips and tricks? Why not join our Rag Rug Community on Facebook for more tips, resources and inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RagRugCommunity/

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Ragged Life Rag Rug Inspiration on Instagram

We’ve got lots of beautiful rag rug designs for you to take inspiration from on our social media channels.

Happy rag rugging everyone!

Elspeth x

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[…] If this cream rag rug takes your fancy then you’re bound to also like our “Pepper Rag Rug”, made using darker neutral tones. Check out photos here. […]


[…] If you like this cream rag rug then you will probably like our “Pepper Rag Rug”, made using darker neutral tones. Check out more photos here. […]

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