Pink Striped Rag Rug – Posey

Our “Posey” pink rag rug was inspired by the gorgeous Summer flowers in our garden last year.  Why have it as our January Rag Rug of the Month you may be thinking? Well although it may be frosty and blowing a gale outside, looking at this rug never fails to make us feel warm and fuzzy inside and with New Year optimism we thought it was about time we shook off the January blues with a bit of summer cheer. Here’s to spring and summer… only a few months away!

Buy a pink striped “Posey” rag rug here

Pink Striped Shaggy Rag Rug with flowers

Handmade Pink Rag Rug

Pink Rag Rug

Use old T-shirts to make a personalised rag rug

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