Students’ Rag Rug Designs

For the past few months I have featured students’ rag rug designs in a Student Spotlight section of my fortnightly Rag Rug Inspiration Newsletter (which you can sign up to here if you’d like). It seemed a shame that these photos disappeared into the ether once they’d been sent out so I thought I would compile all of them here in a gallery of gorgeousness. Their rag rug designs are entirely original and one-0ffs. So here they are!

p.s. If you make rag rugs and would like to grace the student spotlight zone, please send your creations over to – I absolutely adore getting photos through 🙂

Neutral Rag Rug Wreath

Joyce was the first person to ever grace the Student Spotlight section. Her neutral coloured wreath would look great hanging  in the home any time of the year!

Blue striped shaggy rag rug designs

Julia’s blue shaggy rag rug is so rich and plush. It was made for the bathroom but I think it would look amazing in a nautical inspired room.

Shaggy Pink Rag Rug Cushion Diagonal Stripes

Emily is the first person I’ve ever seen do a rag rug piece with diagonal stripes. It’s a little trickier to rag rug against the weave of the hessian but it’s such an effective design!

Ladies holding partially made striped rag rugs - different rag rug designs

Rita, Tricia & Julia were all working on rag rugs at the same time. It’s interesting to see the different stages they’re at.

Rag rugging by the beach in Greece with sea

One of my lovely former students, Rosey, has been spreading the rag rug cheer by teaching friends in Santorini how to rag rug. This is a photo of her friend Olga rag rugging by the sea (hence the parasols in the background) and I just adore the playful pops of coral in her rug.

Rag Rug Hessian Shopping Bag Ragged Life Workshop

Cherry is one of the lovely ladies who came along to my 5 week Introductory Rag Rug Course at The Settlement this term. Since the course finished, she’s been firmly bitten by the rag rug bug and has rag rugged nearly 10 bags! That’s even more bags than me!!!

Artistic Colourful Rag Rug with Star Design - unique rag rug designs

Carolyn worked on this gorgeous rag rug piece for over a year and I’m sure she’ll agree that it was well worth the wait. Whether used as a wall hanging or as a rug, this piece will bring warmth and creativity to any space.

Stripey looped rag rug cushion cat

I think this cushion is the perfect example of how simple patterns can look incredibly effective as long as the colours work. Amazing work Sophie!

Diamond Rag Rug Cushion

Rachel’s diamond-design cushion reminds me a lot of the gorgeous boucherouite rag rugs that exist all over Morocco. The jewel-like colours immediately transport me to warmer climes and I love how the more you look at the cushion, the more you notice (it’s not entirely symmetrical which isn’t necessarily obvious at first glance).

University Rag Rug

Lynne made this rug specially for her daughter to take to university, which is a pretty neat idea given how drab uni accommodation can be. I bet Jodie will be so pleased that her new rug is winging its way up to Birmingham University (sure beats the Ikea experience).

Rag Rug Heart Trivet Shaggy & Loopy Rag Rugging

I absolutely love trivets as a way to practise both the loopy and shaggy rag rug techniques and I think you’ll agree that Sarah has hit the nail on the head with this delightful little number.

Cute loopy rag rug cushion blue grey red

I particularly love how Monica has taken a simple striped pattern but made it more interesting by changing direction. This is one of my favourite rag rug designs of the year 🙂

Gillian's Colourful Rag Rug

Gillian attended one of my beginners rag rug workshops a month ago and has been on fire ever since. She made her first rug for herself and then a second one for her son to put in his new flat. What a lovely housewarming present!

Joyce's Shirt Rag Rug

Joyce started with a row in the centre of this lovely rag rug (rather than at one end) as she wanted to make the pattern symmetrical. It’s now sitting in pride of place in Joyce’s summerhouse 🙂

Rose's Shaggy Rag Rug

I absolutely adore the vibrant colours Rose used in this beautiful hallway rag rug.

Rag Rug Flowers Green White Shaggy Loopy Black

Inspired by the basket trim from my book “Rag Rugs, Pillows & More”, Sarah made this incredibly cute rag rug flower trim for her friend’s bike basket. I think you’ll all agree with me that it’s super adorable and I can’t wait to see a photo of it on the bike itself.

Rag Rug Bike Basket Flowers Craft Upcycling Green Cream

And here it is on Sarah’s friend’s bike basket! 🙂

Tricia Blue Striped Rag Rug

Tricia used a simple striped pattern and mixed rich blues with patterned fabrics to make a rug that you can’t help but stare at (the photo doesn’t do justice to the richness of the colours). I don’t know about you, but it makes me think of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean when I look at it. Can’t wait to see Tricia’s next project (she has already started a flowery cushion). Watch this space!

Multicoloured Shaggy rag rug bunting in campervan

Gillian made this lovely set of rag rug bunting using the shaggy rag rugging technique. She actually took the time to back hers unlike me 🙂

Handmade Blue and Cream Shaggy Rag Rug Cushion on a grey sofa

To make this gorgeous shaggy rag rug cushion, Monica used almost 3/4 of one side of a king sized duvet cover for the cream outer and re-used the back and cushion pad of an old cushion to make up it up. If that isn’t recycled, I don’t know what is. Amazing job Monica!

Sandra Loopy and Shaggy Rag Rug

It’s not often that I see rag rug creations that have blended together both the loopy and shaggy rag rug techniques, which is one of the reasons why I was so excited when I got through Sandra’s photo of her first ever rug. I really love the neutral tones Sandra has used and the way in which the shaggy rag rugging frames the loopy stripes.

Rag Rug Butterfly Shopping Bag in the Shaggy Rag Rug Technique on Hessian

Bags are definitely one of the harder projects to rag rug, as you need to battle with multiple layers of hessian, but Brenda has masterfully combined the two rag rug techniques to create the most dazzling of rag rug butterflies. Fab work Brenda!

Wicker baskets with rag rug flower trim in the shaggy rag rug technique

Monica made one of these rag rug baskets as an 80th birthday present for her aunt but I really hope she kept one for herself as they’re gorgeous!

Christina's Loopy rag rug cushion

I’m lucky enough to marvel at Christina’s rag rug creations on a regular basis thanks to our rag rug round table meet-ups so I’ve seen this cushion quite literally twist and turn into a wonderful piece of art.

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